Step 7

Get Healthy: GoSMILE not only whitens teeth, it also oxygenates your soft gum tissue every time you whiten. This reduces bacteria for a whiter, healthier-looking smile.

Step 6

Lickity Split: GoSMILE only takes 1-2 minutes to apply. Just brush it onto the surface of your teeth and the hydrogen peroxide polymer gel works its whitening magic for several minutes after application

Step 5

Stain, Out: The GoSMILE formula bombards the tooth surface with microscopic molecules of oxygen, which are released by the hydrogen peroxide solution when it exits the ampoule. This oxygen lifts the stain directly from the tooth.

Step 4

Instant Gratification: From the second you squeeze GoSMILE from the ampoule, you can actually see the formula come to life. Once the hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with the air, it activates, in the form of tiny white oxygen bubbles.

Step 3

Spot Treatment: GoSMILE is applied to the surface of the tooth with a soft brush. You can apply extra whitening solution to areas that are prone to stains, and to customize your whitening.

Step 2

Concentrate: The GoSMILE formula is a liquid-based gel containing both the active ingredient and a polymer gel to help the solution stick to your teeth for optimal contact time and results.

Step 1

Seal of Approval: The GoSMILE formula is stored in a vacuum-sealed ampoule to preserve the potency of the whitening formula, until it’s popped and applied to your teeth.