Hydrate, Perfect & Firm Mask Gift Set

Efficacy – proven by science

We use advanced technology to obtain the most potent part of the natural ingredients in our formulas and maximize its performance on the skin. Once the ingredient is obtained, we conduct efficacy tests to determine the exact level that delivers the highest performance possible while being safe. Our product claims are supported by scientific evaluations and consumer panels for results you can see and feel.

Sensoriality – feeling is believing

Every formulation is driven by our belief that beauty should be indulgent as well as effective. From a unique texture to a transporting scent, we push boundaries and won’t stop until we get it right—even if it means countless trials. We find inspiration near and far to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. A trip to the market sparked a “jam mask” resembling orange marmalade, while infusing real rose petals in skincare came from Balinese spa rituals. Our products ignite the senses with the way they look, smell, and most importantly feel—both on your skin and in your heart (we call this the sixth sense!).