The Green Bottle Candle Company came into existence as a response to learning just how many different wine bottles were simply thrown away every day. The Green Bottle Candle Company repurposes used wine bottles from local restaurants and creates natural soy candles. By using 100% soy, the candles are biodegradable, and have a lower melting point which allows our candles to burn slower and cooler. The wax they use originates in the USA, and allows The Green Bottle Candle Company to support US farmers. Each candle is handcrafted, and poured in small batches. From the cutting and polishing of the bottles, to the pouring of the candle wax, to applying the custom-made labels, human hands perform every step of the process. Every candle is produced in this artisanal way, which produces a superior quality candle, and minimizes the impact on the environment. The Green Bottle Candle Company strives to be environmentally conscious, and even offers a recycle receptacle that allows the purchasers of our candles a way to re-recycle their candle vessels.​

​The Green Bottle Candle Company’s goal is to offer elegant, natural candles to lift your spirits, brighten your day, and warm your home, all the while minimizing the amount of wine bottles that end up in landfills every day.